The green beach of the Corinthian Gulf, a stone's throw from Athens and Patras.

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On the south side of the Corinthian gulf, on the bank of the river Sytha and north of the plateau of Ziria (2,375m.) Dominates Xylokastro. This green beach has a permanent population of close to 8,000 inhabitants, who exceed 10,000 during the summer season. The beaches of Xylokastro have been awarded blue flags. In the southern hinterland there are many citrus fruits, olives and some vines. There are many attractions. Xylokastro can be a base for excursions to other neighboring areas such as: Ziria-Trikalochoria, Feneos, Stymfalia, Ancient Sikyona, Ancient Corinth, Eurostini and Epidaurus.

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Xylokastro's forest
Xylokastro's port
Xylokastro's beach

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