Trikala Korinth - Lake Doxa

With an incomparable natural beauty and a distance of 30 minutes from the hotel Kyani Akti, is the constantly developing tourist area of ​​Trikala, Corinth. Between three mountains and in amazing forests, Lake Doxa is an ideal choice for a walk around it, a picnic but also for the activities provided by the Explore Ziria. More specifically, you can spend time with hydropedes in the lake, buggy rides among beautiful landscapes as well as electric bike routes, always accompanied by staff and through instructions for the safety of visitors.

The canal of Corinth

The Corinth Canal is a marvel of technology. It has a length of more than 6 km and a width of 23 m., While its vertical sides rise 90 meters above the water. It is one of the most interesting getaways both historically and in terms of spectacle for every visitor, just 30 minutes from the hotel Cανte d'Azur.


Once you have chosen your room, time for designs and beautiful moments enjoying a delicious wine on the balcony gazing at the setting sun.

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